What a lovely human creature JC is!! I have to admit I’m always a little nervous before meeting new people but when JC arrived on the Friday night at my day job, I instantly felt like it would be an epic weekend!

It certainly was.. JC has booked myself and the stunningly beautiful and creative model Leaf for two days, some beauty, some creativeness and the some down right madness ensued! He is a very enthusiastic photographer, keen to try the different and unusual to get that ‘shot’ super creative and very articulate about his ideas and visions for the images. Although JC had great ideas (hopefully they are as you imagined or better) he also let me and Leaf have a long leash with the creative aspect of the shoot... From being on ladders in a derelict chapel to doing shadow puppets on the wall, climbing mountains and ending up in a bath or fresh flowers we did it all! No stone left unturned as they say.

JC is a great conversationalist, easy to get on with and super respectful! A great photographer with a wicked sense of humour. Good luck with the rest of your trip and travels! Hopefully we will cross paths again.

Highly recommended to all models.

Thank you again for such a great shoot!


I had an incredible, epic two day shoot with JCS! Smile

I spotted JC's portfolio when he had just joined PP, and I immediately noticed the creativity and the sensitivity of his work. I knew this was someone that I really wanted to work with, but I felt disappointment in seeing that he lived so far away! You can therefore imagine my surprise and joy when he then messaged me, asking if I'd like to work with him, in one months time! Of course, I jumped at the chance!

JC is the sort of person you instantly warm to - so open, friendly, charismatic. He's great company, really easy to talk to, and an all round super lovely person! He put me at ease instantly, and I really enjoyed my time with him - it flew by - I could easily have carried on!

The thing I particularly enjoyed about my shoot with JC is his openness to experiment, to try things out, and to be creative. Any sort of experimentation with modelling and photography is like play time for me, and this man was so relaxed and laid back in his approach, that it made it easy to bounce ideas off each other and try things out. I had the pleasure of working alongside Silk for both of these days, and we certainly made an excellent team! During the course of two days, we did all sorts of strange and wonderfully varied sets throughout Silk's house, including a flower bath, we also visited a local derelict chapel, and we trekked out to a derelict mine in North Wales, in the snow. Finding ways to work with every different situation was a challenge which we all threw ourselves into, as a team, and it was great fun doing so. JC took everything in his stride - snow, ice, silliness, weirdness, and art nude modelling all thrown in together and bound with fun, friendship and laughter.

I was truly honoured that JC chose to work with myself and Silk on his tour - to be included in an itinerary that spanned over several different countries - I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity!

I'd absolutely recommend shooting with JC, and encourage people to do so! I hope to see you again sometime - many thanks JC for a wonderful shoot - it will always stay in my memory forever! Smile


Had a fantastic first shoot with this incredible gentleman.

Everything was perfect, communication, rapport, direction and skill.

Our photography interests are identical.

I will certainly be shooting again with JCSpix, he is super.

I recommend 100%

Thanks so much Jean Claude xx


Had a great shoot yesterday with Jean Claude. He is relaxing to work with and open to input and ideas. The images looked great from what I could see, I look forward to seeing them. He puts a great deal of thought into his photography and his reasons for doing it and takes time to explain his motivations prior to shooting.

We didn’t comminicate a great deal before the shoot because he was travelling but once I met him he was immediately likeable and professional.

I look forward to shooting again soon. Recommended.

Electric Nymph

I had a fantastic duo shoot with Jean Claude. Very friendly and down to earth gentleman and so easy to work with. His pre communications were great and the shoot just flew by. Would love to work with him again in the future.


I had a good shoot with JCSPix. He is passionate about mastering art nude photography so it was a pleasure to assist him in his quest. I currently do very limited art nude for various reasons, but working with JCSPix was pleasant, he is very courteous and respectful and it was fun to revisit a genre of photography I no longer model for, of my own choice. As for the end results there were some shots that pleasantly surprised me, others that were less successful but that is normal, is it not? It's part of a learning curve for both photographer and model. I fully recommend JCSPix.


What can I tell you about this lovely visitor? Well, I had the honour of being the first shoot of many he'd booked for his trip to the UK, and first of all his detailed, classy communication is a breath of fresh air.

We spent a full day shooting hundreds of images, nearly forgot to eat, and hadn't even come close to running out of ideas before it was time to part ways. Conversation flowed, this is a man with lots of interesting habits and stories, and an open, friendly way about him that makes it so much easier to synergise to create good images.

I had lots of fun, and I hope the rest of your trip went just as well.. given what you had planned I'm sure it did, if not even better. Safe travels and feel free to get in touch if we are ever on the same land mass again!

Scarlet B

Had an amazing shoot today with JCSPix. He's fun and very professional, the shoot just flew by and we got some stunning images.

He is a lovely person and a great photographer. We produced some awesome images, I very highly recommend JCSPix to all.

Thanks again for a great shoot.

Maris Corde

Down to earth and professional. Very easy to work with.


Amazing shootings with an amazing photographer! Do not hesitate to contact with him!


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