Photography has the power to change lives. That’s no secret. But the positive impact photographs can have on models is often overlooked. Photographic sessions can help models cope during traumatic life transitions and illnesses. It can help subjects face, head on, who they are and push back against restraints, often unseen, that may be impeding their joy. Photo therapy sessions allow models to celebrate who they are, regardless of what society or friends and family dictate.

The therapeutic value of photography is undeniable.

My models have used these sessions to grapple with many different issues ranging from longstanding insecurity around weight, to regain power and energy at the end of a draining relationship, as well as to confront various issues around shyness, acne, religion, ethnicity, body type, etc. Many of my models simply want to capture who they are as a major life change nears, whether it’s an illness, an operation, or anything that may bring significant alteration. Some want to capture who they are as the relentlessness of age encroaches.

Photo therapy is about shedding restraint and extracting power from hindrance. In these sessions, we find a sensitivity, a perceived weakness, and through photography, we transform it into strength.

This type of photography is private, intimate and tailored to the unique individual and her beauty. For my clients, these photographs can become life-long reminders that their lives, bodies, and minds should be admired, and as such documented. And for those who struggle to love themselves, these sessions produce photographs that serve as powerful reminders that who you are today is someone worth celebrating in her own right.

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