Sexual fantasies are universal but too often play out solely in the mind. We all have them, but few of us even share the thoughts, let alone act on them. Realization of sexual fantasy is too rare. We are inclined to yearn privately, repressed by inhibition or cultural, social, moral, and religious constraints.

While we all fantasize, there are major differences in our fantasy lives. Some are great visualizers, their vivid daydreams and fantasies often building around private aspects of their sexuality. Others are less adventurous in their fantasy lives, but they fantasize nonetheless, often living their fantasy lives vicariously through movies, books and TV.

Just as one’s personality evolves over the years and decades, sexual fantasies evolve, too, often gaining nuance and detail as they grow to dominate one’s interior and otherwise unexpressed sexuality. The scenarios in our sexual fantasies vary greatly and are influenced by personal desire and experience, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Wherever you are on the fantasy scale, your fantasies are uniquely yours.

Some fantasies gain such significance that we feel an inexorable urge to explore them, especially when those fantasies swirl around desires that touch the core of our sexual being. This presents a challenge. It can feel impossible to satisfy these sexual desires. Perhaps they make you feel uncomfortable or confuse you. Fantasies can be a lot of fun, but they can also be revealing, sometimes unearthing elements of our sexual selves that we can’t entirely grasp without exploration.

In my fantasy sessions, we strive to bring these passions to life, to explore and extract and fulfill these sexul desires by simulating these cherished fantasies, mirroring, as best we can, the fantasy world that lives in the mind. This allows for exploration, for deeper understanding and fulfillment without the attendant risk and possible negative consequence that can accompany the actual realization of these desires.

These sessions are personal, intimate and private. The resulting images are absolutely not for the public domain, but uniquely for you. If you are interested in discussing a possible project please go to my “Contact and Info” page and let’s discuss how we can work collaboratively to capture those fantasies that are uniquely yours.