Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look at the photographs that the subjects and I have together created.

It has taken time and a circuitous route along the path of life to finally arrive at what may seem an unlikely destination, my true passion for photographing the beauty, sensuality, and power of women. Currently based in the US state of Maine, my journey started in Budapest, Hungary, where I was born and from where my family left as refugees before settling in South Africa. It was here that my interest in photography started and where I became an engineer, a profession that would seem an unlikely precursor to my current career as a photographer who celebrates the female form in all her diversity. Engineering was a profession, however, that allowed me to travel extensively and to live and work in six different countries, experiences that fostered my deep love for this world and the manifold ways she shares her beauty.

I am passionate about creating, as best I can, the joys, emotions, and fantasies of our true, sometimes hidden, selves. Women are beautiful and powerful, and in my work, they are further empowered to harness the full essence of their beauty, the full extent of their sexuality, and to take on whatever role they seek to portray, for genuine strength only comes from the ability to choose. My models are photographed as they wish, and the photographs are for the models, to be shared or kept private, that choice, that power, residing with the models. All women, no matter the body type, age, ethnicity, are equally important, equally beautiful, regardless of what current society dictates, and regardless of any opinion to the contrary. My work inspirits the secret lives of my subjects, giving them voice and freedom through their desires and their choices.

Each woman is unique in her beauty, and so is the task of creating images that find the intrinsic nature of that beauty. My goal is to enhance the already significant power my models bring to shoots.